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Childhood is a time of discovery and growth. Sometimes, challenges arise that get in the way of this being the carefree time of life that we want it to be for our children. Perhaps your child has recently been diagnosed with ADHD, autism, or a learning or developmental issue that is making school or friendships difficult to navigate?  Perhaps you’ve noticed some fears, big emotions, or behaviors that cause you to wonder, “Is this typical for this kid's age?”  Perhaps they have experienced a loss, trauma, or difficult life event of some type? Perhaps your relationship with your child just seems strained, and you are unsure of how to reconnect? Kids do well when they can.  Sometimes, they just need some extra help learning skills to help them self-regulate, navigate friendships, process life events, or express themselves in an age-appropriate way. My job is to get to know you and your child, using child-friendly methods such as play, art, and games to explore things through a different lens.  We will work together to give your child the tools that they need to flourish.

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Adolescence is an exciting time of self discovery and growing independence. It is a time of life when teens are forming their own distinct identity, and it can be confusing for all involved. Sometimes, it can be difficult to determine if certain behaviors are typical responses to stressors that teens are facing, or if perhaps there is something more going on? Teens today are facing intense pressures and are trying to navigate an increasingly confusing social world.  They are having to make critical decisions without necessarily having reached a point of brain development needed to think through their choices in a safe and logical manner. During this time in your family’s life, support for teens and parents alike is important.  Investment in a teen’s mental health now can set them up for a healthy and successful future.  Some things that we can work on together include developing healthy patterns of emotional coping and stress management, identity and self esteem concerns, confidence building, social skills, helpful communication patterns, family concerns, and healthy mindsets about interpersonal relationships. 



Early adulthood is a time when you are establishing yourself as an independent person with a life of your own, separate from your family of origin.  During this time, you may be particularly focused on career goals, college and educational activities, establishing more intimate and longer term relationships, finances, or setting up your own home.  Sometimes all the things that you want to happen don't necessarily go as you had planned, and this can certainly be upsetting and overwhelming. There may also be events from your childhood that you’ve never really had the chance to work through? Anxiety, stress, depression, substance abuse, relationship problems, and other concerns are common during this phase of life. Now is the time to chart your own course. Therapy can help you reach your goals and be your happiest, healthiest, and most authentic self.

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Parenting is undoubtedly one of the most difficult jobs that we embark on during our lives. This is especially true today, with the onslaught of often conflicting messages about what we “should” be doing for our children. Add to this the pressures of trying to balance career, marriage and relationships, finances and your own self care, and it can certainly be overwhelming! I enjoy helping parents and families as they figure out what works best for them, as there are no “one size fits all” solutions in parenting.  When parents face unexpected challenges in raising children, it can be helpful to have a neutral party to help navigate things. Issues that are commonly addressed in parent counseling are identifying and aligning parenting styles between partners, issues related to co-parenting, routines and setting limits, identifying and implementing strategies to enhance parent-child connection, understanding how you can best support your child with their own mental health needs, and working on your own self care.  Remember, you do not need to be the perfect parent to be exactly the parent that your child needs. 

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